Restricted Delivery Zones

MJM Furniture provides delivery service to most cities and towns in Canada. Delivery service is restricted to remote areas. The postal codes listed below are restricted from receiving delivery service:

British Columbia:

V0A, V0B, V0C, V0E, V0G, V0H, V0J, V0K, V0L, V0N, V0P, V0R, V0S, V0T, V0V, V0W, V0X, V1A, V1C, V1E, V1G, V1J, V1L, V1N, V1R, V2G, V2J, V8A, V8C, V8G, V8J, V8K


T0A, T0B, T0C, T0G, T0H, T0J, T0K, T0V, T7V, T8S, T8X, T9K, T9M, T9V, T9W


S0A, S0C, S0E, S0G, S0H, S0J, S0K, S0L, S0M, S0N, S0P, S4A, S6V, S9A, S9H, S9V, S9X


P0L, P0M, P0N, P0P, P0R, P0S, P0T, P0V, P0W, P0X, P0Y, P5A, P6A, P6B, P6C, P7A, P7B, P7C, P7E, P7G, P7J, P7K, P7L, P8N, P8T, P9A, P9N


G0A, G0C, G0E, G0G, G0H, G0J, G0K, G0L, G0M, G0N, G0P, G0S, G0T, G0V, G0W, G0X, G3Z, G4A, G4R, G4S, G4T, G4V, G4W, G4X, G4Z, G5A, G5B, G5C, G5H, G5J, G5L, G5M, G5N, G5R, G6C, G7B, G8E, G8G, G8H, G8K, G8L, G8P, G8Z, G9X, J0K, J0M, J0W, J0X, J0Y, J0Z, J9E, J9P, J9T, J9X, J9Y, J9Z

Restricted Provinces and Territories:

Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia


Please contact us if you may need a custom shipping rate if your delivery address is in these restricted delivery areas.