MJM Furniture’s success built on family values

MJM has been delivering quality furniture and home décor since 1987

Family values - it’s prevalent in everything the Jaswal family does. It’s one of the crucial foundations of their family-owned and operated business, MJM Furniture, which has been providing modern and custom furniture in Vancouver since 1987.

In such a competitive industry, that is no small feat. However, through treating customers like family, with a large selection of top-quality products, low prices, and backing it up with superior customer service, their popularity and customer loyalty certainly don’t come as a surprise.

“We’ve always been able to get customers very good quality products at the lowest prices possible,” says Jeet Jaswal, owner and president of MJM Furniture. “And most importantly, we always offer great customer service. It’s really the backbone of what we do.”

Over the years, MJM Furniture has achieved its success by offering a wide variety of products, including many from Canadian manufacturers, across a number of furniture showrooms in the Fraser Valley.

Starting out with a 12,000-square-foot location on what was then known as King George Hwy., the business grew to six locations.

After divesting several locations to other family members, MJM currently has two showrooms, one on United Blvd. in Coquitlam and the original site in Surrey, which now covers an impressive 33,000-square-feet.

“I’ve been in the furniture industry pretty much all of my life,” Jaswal explains. “My uncle owned a couple of furniture stores up north in Terrace, and I used to work with him after school. And I just stayed in the business.”

Today, that commitment to family values has carried through to Jaswal’s three children, who also work in the business.

“They run significant portions of the operation, such as buying, marketing, advertising and management,” he continues. “They are very dependable because they have a vested interest in the continued success of the business, which makes them work much harder.”

This dedication and these heightened efforts directly benefit their customers, who profit from MJM’s purchasing power for competitive pricing, a wide selection and large inventory of brand-name products, and short delivery times.

“We can purchase large enough quantities of products to offer customers a 30 to 40% lower price than our competitors,” Jaswal says.

“And with Canadian-made products, which can normally take 16 to even 48 weeks for other retailers to deliver, we can reduce that to between six to eight weeks.

That’s a significant advantage.”