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Tis the season for Holi-DEALS! - SAVE 20% OFF

New Product Videos

Ashley Savesto Ivory Sectional - MJM Furniture

Modern Seating For Your Home

We’re loving modular sectionals and the various configurations we can build from them. Here are some of our favorite configurations: This configuration is great for a small space. For added...

  • Inspirational Furniture

    Inspirational Furniture

    Much like style, there is a rhythm and inspiration for interior decoration. With a touch of research, planning your own special design for any room in your home will be a riveting experience, as you take a dull room and...

  • Seating arrangements, you say?

    Seating arrangements, you say?

    In comparison to standard couches, as an increasingly spacious choice, the sectional is certainly worth your thoughts in case you have a large family or usually have a group — or whether your couch style tends to be more comfortable...

  • Soliloquy Bedroom Collection - MJM Furniture

    Soliloquy Collection

    Soliloquy is a study in reserved elegance. It's the new generation's approach to classical design, honoring the forms from venerable Greek and other European influences without the shine that typically indicates a certain formality.

  • Zephyr Bedroom Collection - MJM Furniture

    Zephyr Collection

    Like a gentle breeze, Zephyr will grace your home with laid-back elegance. A casual and lighthearted contemporary collection with a well-defined, wire brushed grain and medium gray, matte finish. Featuring bedroom, dining room, and living room collections.

  • Modern Furniture Collection - MJM Furniture

    Modern Collection

    Modern by Universal is sophisticated, clean and simple, bold and a bit daring. It honors its roots in Modernism but has been adapted for today's life and activities, in action and rest. Modern focuses on livability and usability, making it...

  • Universal Modern Muse - MJM Furniture

    Modern Muse Collection

    As lyrical as a mythological muse, Modern Muse gracefully combines traditional forms with modern design elements. Crafted of hickory and pecan veneers in a light Bisque finish, Modern Muse also includes a textured Canvas finish and a Black Cobalt stain...