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Ashley Savesto Ivory Sectional - MJM Furniture

Modern Seating For Your Home

We’re loving modular sectionals and the various configurations we can build from them. Here are some of our favorite configurations:

This configuration is great for a small space. For added comfort add an ottoman. Or even better go with a pair of ottomans in front!

Ashley Savesto Sofa at MJM Furniture

If your space allows, this configuration is great for more seating, lounging and laying down. Ashley Sectional Savesto at MJM Furniture

This configuration is suited for a larger room or larger gatherings.

Ashley Savesto Large Sectional at MJM Furniture

Modular seating allows a lot of flexibility to reconfigure. It’s easy to change up a room by playing with the configuration. It’s also great if you need flexibility to rearrange for company or if you’re moving spaces.

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